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One fits All:
You need only 1 Bonus Card which can be used at all partner businesses - regardless of design.

Premium Partner
· 1 Point per 1 Euro or a fixed rate
· Promotions/Additional Points
· Points redemption at local businesses

Reward Partner
· 1 Point per 2 Euro or a fixed rate
· Promotions/Additional Points

Online Partner
· 1 Point per 2 Euro or a fixed rate
· Promotions/Additional Points

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Become a Go Friends Partner

Reward customers with Bonus Points while they shop or visit your business and benefit from all the advantages of the Go Friends Loyalty Card System!

Reward online activities like newsletter registrations, participation on surveys or writing blogs in community sites.

Attract your business by using a business card with integrated functions! We will print, encode and personalize your own loyalty cards - no limits, no charges!  

Reach potential customers within an international network where your messages will be noticed!

Increase your sales by selling giftcards in attractive format and design which can be set with your individual restrictions and upload with units or money. No more paper tickets!  

Communicate, advertise and promote your services with messages sent directly to the mobile devices of all Go Friends cardholders.    


Go Friends Gay Rewards is based on the philosophy to share a powerful community network where all parties may benefit from countless possibilities - locally and online. We will create and achieve your goals. Let’s make it together. Contact us for details and support.  

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